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Prior to opening Hromei Law Office, Ramona worked as a senior associate with a top tier regional law firm advising international and domestic clients on a variety of matters including syndicated lending, acquisition finance, consumer protection and regulatory aspects. Our portfolio features a wide range of contracts including finance agreements, security agreements, commercial contracts, employment contracts etc. Our lawyers are also licensed insolvency practitioners with expertise on corporate restructuring and liquidation. We advise on the structuring and establishment of companies in a wide range of commercial sectors. Our services include drafting Articles of Association, joint venture agreements, and other corporate documents.

A globally recognized Fintech company, regarding the application of the deposit guarantee scheme in Romania bitcoin kiosk lângă mine the context of implementing of a bank to bank channel in Romania. A payment technology company, in connection with various legal matters with special focus on the implementation of the Revised Payment Services Directive PSD2 surcharging ban.

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The largest Chinese bank for foreign investment and financing cooperation, long-term lending and bond issuance, in bitcoin site oficial its guarantees package in relation to a EUR 83, loan granted for the acquiring of a company with business in the solar power industry. A global provider of business travel payment solutions, with respect to regulatory and other legal aspects concerning one of its products.

A multinational technology company, in connection with the launch of the Apple Pay product in Romania.

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One of the largest providers of accessible consumer financial services in the world, in connection with the transfer of a relevant stake in the Romanian local entities. A leading full service commercial banking institution based in Korea, in connection with five photovoltaic projects located in three different regions of Romania.

Retained by a leading European financial institution to provide assistance during the USDfinancing granted to one of the subsidiaries of the largest oil and gas producer in South Eastern Europe, secured by various guarantees and collaterals granted by the company and two of its Romanian subsidiaries.

This prompts us to re-evaluate the transmission channels and effectiveness of instruments designed to mitigate systemic risks. In a set-up with numerous macroprudential instruments one of the key challenges is to make a holistic assessment of the macroprudential stance. This requires an understanding of whether an instrument is appropriate with respect to the systemic risk and of the interactions between the macroprudential instruments applied. This workshop brings together the most recent advances regarding analytical tools for the assessment of macroprudential instruments. The models and techniques assessed will encompass systemic risk identification, including an assessment of the systemic importance of financial institutions; an evaluation of the effectiveness of macroprudential measures; network and contagion analysis; and macro stress-testing.

The largest Romanian bank in connection with multimillion financing for the development of two large photovoltaic parks in Romania. A leading international financial and investment group in connection with the increase of a multimillion facility granted to the local subsidiary of a Czech real estate developer for the construction of a large office building project in Romania.

A leading Spanish real estate developer in connection with various real estate developments in Bucharest and Cluj, with an investment value of over EUR , including with respect to pre-closing and post-closing documentation, as well as permitting aspects. An international holding and investment company based in Israel in connection with the EUR 78, acquisition of the remaining quota in one of the biggest real estate projects in Bucharest, consisting of a shopping mall and five stand-alone office buildings, with an investment value of approx.

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EURA leading Spanish savings bank in connection with the structuring of various multi—million project finance deals via its banking branch network established in Romania. The investment division on Romanian commercial bank in relation to various real estate residential and mixed—use schemes developments in Romania exceeding EURA leading Spanish real estate developer in connection with various land acquisitions in Bucharest and Cluj and development of residential compounds with a project investment value in excess of EURAn European leader in banking and financial services internațional bitcoin real estate association relation to various financing and related collateralization amounting over USDfor supporting the business operations of several oil trading companies.

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A major player in internațional bitcoin real estate association Swiss financial industry in connection with credit facilities and related security package in excess of USDgranted to a major player in the oil trading industry.

The subsidiary of a leading Dutch based bank in relation to financing of major oil trading companies for a total amount exceeding USDand correspondent security package falling under Romanian law. A leading European bank in connection with credit securitization falling under Romanian law, with a total amount in excess of 75, USD.

A real estate investment fund with respect to a EURsyndicated loan facility for the financing of the acquisition of industrial outlets in Romania.

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A leading European financing groups in relation to various multimillion real estate projects finance, including the enforcement and realization of security interests. A Spanish construction company,with respect to the development of four major infrastructure projects with a total value of approx.

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EUR 50, A leading Finnish forest management group, with respect to its acquisitions of various forest lands in Romania, with a total amount of over EUR 40, A leading company focused on owning, operating and developing shopping centers in Central and Eastern Europe, in real estate issues linked to the dispute between Atrium and the Austrian lender Meinl Bank.

A real estate investment fund on the acquisition of a large industrial project. One of the largest funds in Europe in connection with various private acquisitions in Romania, with a value in excess of EUROne of the leading listed property companies in Europe with regard to various real estate projects refinancing in excess of EUR 44, made available by a leading Austrian bank in relation to certain projects developed by the client in Bucharest.

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A leading financial services company with respect to facility loans granted to the German company, Bäumler AG, secured by inventory held in Romania. One of the major Austrian private banks with regard to EUR 12, term loan facility granted in view of the refinance of the acquisition, renovation and refurbishment of an office building located in Bucharest. The shareholder of the developer of one of the largest logistic centers in the country for land acquisitions matters and conclusion of title insurance.

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A major local real estate developer in relation to restructuring of the lease agreements concluded for their shopping centers in Bucharest. One of the main investors in the Romanian retail market holding an impressive portfolio of retail parks and shopping centers in the main secondary cities, in relation to various issues concerning retail and commercial mixed use scheme projects developed on the local market.

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