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A forward contract on the financial market that indicates the specific price at which a financial instrument will be purchased or sold on a future date.

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A standardized contract for the delivery of goods, shares, currency, or indexes at a fixed price and time in the future. Includes the G-7 countries and Russia. A gap in a chart is essentially an empty space between one trading period and the previous trading period.

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A pending order to buy or sell a financial instrument that will expire automatically at the end of the trading day on which it is entered.

A pending order to buy or sell a financial instrument, which is valid until fulfilled or cancelled. A term denoting a monetary policy which maintains high interest levels, tight monetary control, and a restrictive credit policy.

It is pegged to the US dollar, but may partially change. The International Monetary Fund is responsible for ensuring global monetary stability and a balanced growth of international trade.

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The percentage of the value of the financial instrument that the investor or trader should pay upon making the deal. Futures trading - Vamist?

How to TRADE FUTURES on kucoin!

Ce este position trading, day trading si swing trading?. Strategia de opțiuni pentru o volatilitate ridicată.

futures trading bitcoin reddit

Opțiunea Final Comercial Corporation? Analiza expresivității dimensionale a circuitelor cuantice parametrice. Forex deltatrade!

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The market including the financial system and currency trading between banks and financial institutions, excluding smaller parties. Refers to something that happens within a day or over 24 hours. In trading terms, it means analysing graphs covering a period shorter than a day.

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Doing the buy and sell or sell and buy transaction within the same day before the market closes. Intraday trading is also referred to as 'day trading' by many traders. The initial offering of stocks by a company.

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Yellen succeeded Ben Bernarke in February A business arrangement under which two or more parties futures trading bitcoin reddit a specific task. All contractual parties agree to split the profit or loss associated with the joint venture. A slang term used to designate Australian shares.

It derives its name from New Zealand's national icon — the kiwi bird.

futures trading bitcoin reddit

It is partially pegged to the US dollar. Leverage is the ratio between the amount needed to secure a position and its actual amount. For currencies at Trading it is up to The interest rate that a London-based bank uses to charge another upon lending funds.

futures trading bitcoin reddit

An order for executing a transaction at a set price. Members and composition A market with intense trading activity. It is considered safer, since investors can trade at all times.

futures trading bitcoin reddit

The degree to which an asset or a financial instrument can be bought or sold on the market without affecting the asset's price. Futures trading bitcoin reddit buying of a financial instrument such as stocks, commodity, or currency pair.

Forex vs Trading futures

Used to set it apart from the other dollars. Trading Forex vs Trading Currency Futures The minimum quantity of a financial instrument that can be traded.

futures trading bitcoin reddit

Each company determines what it should be. The depositing of a collateral that allows trading with amounts that significantly exceed the account balance. This allows achieving a higher financial effect leveragehence smaller changes in the rate of the instrument couple traded may result in substantial changes in the account balance.

futures trading bitcoin reddit

A broker's demand to the trader to deposit additional money or securities when the amount has reached the minimum maintenance margin.