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    Background[ edit ] Bessarabia is a region between the Prut and Dniester rivers that the Russian Empire annexed from the Principality of Moldavia in The beginning of the Russian Revolution allowed Bessarabia to declare itself as independent, forming the Moldavian Democratic Republic while World War I was taking place. On 27 Marchthis state united with Romaniathis being the reason for the commemorated date.

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    Romania lost control of Bessarabia and also of Northern Bukovina after the occupation of these territories by the Soviet Union USSR inwith Romania regaining them briefly in but losing them again in The northern and southern parts, as well as the entirety of Northern Bukovina, were given to the Ukrainian SSRwhereas the Moldavian SSR was established in the remaining part of the region. At the same time, some territories at the other side of the Dniester, which today form Transnistriawere attached to the Moldavian SSR.

    Since the independence of Moldova, there has been a unification movement to unite the country with Romania.

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    They are also free bitcoin semnificație în tagalog help with materials and logistically support these events. Furthermore, the Romanian flag is flown on this day. For example, inthousands of people demonstrated in Chișinăuthe Moldovan capitalto celebrate the centenary of the union and demand a new one with Romania.

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    Inthe Lucian Blaga Theoretical Lyceum in Tiraspol organized events in which teachers and students sang and recited Romanian patriotic songs and poems and in which a huge Romanian flag was placed in the hallways of the building.