Citiți Bitcoin Heist: Powerful Computers Stolen In Iceland Online

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    bitcoin mining island

    Fundamentally Vulnerable? Bitcoin thirst spurs Icelandic heist—“Grand theft on a scale unseen before”: Ars Tehnica Citat: Eleven people have been arrested in Iceland as a result of what local media are bitcoin mining island the “Big Bitcoin Heist”— mining computers were recently stolen from Icelandic data centers in four separate burglaries between December and January According to the Associated Press, which cited Icelandic authorities, the heist is “the biggest series of thefts ever” in the island nation.

    So far, a Reykjanes District Court judge ordered two of the 11 arrested individuals to remain in custody.

    bitcoin mining island

    Ethereum fixes serious “eclipse” flaw that could be exploited by any kid: Ars Tehnica Citat: Developers of Ethereum, the world's No. So-called eclipse attacks work by preventing a cryptocurrency user from connecting to honest peers. Attacker-controlled peers then feed the target a manipulated version of the blockchain the entire currency community relies on to reconcile transactions and enforce contractual obligations. Eclipse attacks can be used to trick targets into paying for a good or service more than once and to co-opt the target's computing power to manipulate algorithms that establish crucial user consensus.

    Because Ethereum supports "smart contracts" that automatically execute transactions when certain conditions in the blockchain are present, Ethereum eclipse attacks can also be used to interfere with those self-enforcing agreements.

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    bitcoin mining island