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What is a Blockchain? Blockchain is a constantly growing decentralized public ledger database on the internet, to which data can only be added and read, without the possibility of being deleted or modified. This public ledger consists of blocks in which multiple transactions are recorded.

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Increasing linearly, each new block joining the previous one as a chain it received the name Block-chain. Who are the miners? What is a Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin is the first practical application of Blockchain technology created inin order to store and transfer value freely, securely, globally, pseudo-anonymously, peer-to-peer, in a transparent and decentralized way on the Internet.

Byzantine General - consensus without central authority Suppose you are a general who bitcoin cheat to conquer a castle. If you suddenly attack it with your allies and surround it, you can conquer it.

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Otherwise you will be overcome. How do you make sure all your allies: — received bitcoin cheat message to attack simultaneously — You have all arrived to a consensus to act attack — You removed all the spies sent find out about the attack — You have excluded traitors or compromising generals that could break your plan — You can not give orders to the other allies who have the same rank as you and do not recognize your authority over them without any central authority?

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This is a mathematical problem proposed inconsidered unresolved until Blockchain technology proved to be its solution.