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Share this article Share On March 7, a similar camera was found in another cash machine in the area. This time, the recording hole was placed in a piece of plastic above the keypad.

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When the fake plastic panel was pulled away, mini recording devices were found inside so that customers' pin numbers could be recorded. Police are now publishing the photos to show the public just how subtle and well-disguised such devices have become.

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A similar scam at another cash machine shows a similar, nearly-invisible, hole in the cashpoint Police have released images to show just how subtle cash machines fraudsters have become The false casing fixed to the machine bitcoin atm orlando fraudsters was pulled away to reveal the camera This device was placed on a machine not far from that which had the other tiny camera Police found the devices in the space of less than a month near St Paul's Cathedral, London On March 2 and March 8, police seized other device believed to have been attached to cash machines in the City by fraudsters.

It is just the latest development in cash machine fraud which is leading police to warn people to be on the look out for any signs the machine had been tampered with.

If in doubt, try and use a machine inside a branch.

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Just 10 days ago, Lancashire police warned those in Preston, Leyland and Bamber Bridge that so-called 'skimming devices' had been found on machines in the towns. Those machines prevented cards from being ejected, while similar cameras to those found in London recorded the users' pin. Following those discoveries, police advised: 'Before using the machine, check if there are any loose parts on or around it - the card slot, keypad and anything above the keypad area.

See also. The store spreads on an area of sq m and employs 14 people, REWE said in a press release. Pe această piață, PENNY operează cu peste de magazine și se află în plină expansiune, având peste de angajați. RO supermarket chain Penny teams up with car parts retailer for home deliveries.